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Backwoods Gaming’s Gaia Terrain Stamp Packs

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Each Gaia Terrain Pack from Backwoods Gaming will come with 10 stamps of a particular feature type.  Keeping them small will allow buyers to browse our selection of terrain stamp packs and pick and choose from the features they need.  For the Gaia junkie, like myself, the packs will be priced affordable enough that you may decide to purchase them all!  The plan is to release new terrain packs once a month.

Included in each terrain pack will be the stamps and a script which will extend the pack into the Gaia eXtension (GX) system.

The packs ONLY include the stamp files.  Owning and having at least version 1.5 of Gaia installed within your project is required. Any 3D assets, textures, or UI shown in screenshots are either from Gaia or other assets which need to be purchased separately.