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Stamps Pack Update!!! v2.0.0 updates of all packs coming soon!

Hey gang.. The long overdue updates to the stamp packs are underway and the main documentation pages of the website have been restored / updated. I’m finally back to being able to work at least 3 days a week on Unity stuff but I pretty much need to learn everything from scratch again.

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Dependencies: Gaia or Gaia Pro is required! [Get Gaia] or [Get Gaia Pro]

Stamp Packs Update!!! Version 2.0.0 of all stamp packs coming soon!
The pack updates I am doing involve remaking the stamps from scratch. The new stamps have been tested in Gaia 2, Gaia 2021, and Gaia Pro 2021. I’m going back to the original areas I used to create the stamps and I am taking around a 10kmx10km area and creating 4k resolution stamps. With this in mind I am keeping to the original 10 stamp per pack limit in the v2 versions of the packs. You may still keep and use stamps above the first 10 by making a backup of the stamps and convert those yourself. I decided to go this route to save some time and justify providing this as a free update. I know some will say I’m crazy and should charge, but I have been wanting to do this update for some time now and haven’t been able to.

With the changes to the session system, I still need to wrap my head around the coding and how to implement playing sessions from a Gaia eXtension script. At this point I am not planning to include the session files within the packs because I want to try to get them all updated with the new stamp files as quickly as possible. Once I have that done and can at least record some tutorial videos on manually using the sessions, I may do an update to toss the session files in.

What are terrain stamp packs?
These are themed packs containing 10 stamps for Gaia. Packs are currently still priced at $5 per pack and I have a few more new packs which I hope to again start releasing at least once per month starting in April 2022. I decided to do smaller, cheaper packs, that way folks will be able to pick and choose which packs they need instead of paying a huge price and getting tons of stamps they will never use. The smaller packs are also easier to manage in a Gaia eXtension.

What is the Gaia eXtension and what does it do?
The GX (Gaia eXtension) plugs the pack into Gaia and lets Gaia know it is there. Within the extension you have options to enable all of the stamps in the pack or disable all stamps within the pack. By default, all of the stamps in the pack are disabled when you import the pack into Unity. Enabling them moves them into the Gaia User Data stamps structure so Gaia can recognize them as stamps. The reason for setting up the enable/disable system was simply to prevent you from overwhelming Gaia with tons of stamps. If you know you are going to be stamping mountains, you can enable packs including mountains. If you know you are going to be stamping islands, you can enable those packs while disabling others.

What is included in the stamps packs?
As stated earlier, each stamps pack comes with 10 stamps. Currently, the only things included are those stamps, the stamp extension described above, and short readme files pointing to various pages of the website for documentation. You will still need to purchase Gaia, of course. But once you have Gaia and the stamp packs, you are ready to start creating awesome terrains!

New Discord Server for support in addition to old email support! [Backwoods Gaming Discord Server]
Don’t fret, support will still be available by email but we are also preparing to launch a Backwoods Gaming Discord server for those who would prefer using discord over email. Please keep in mind that we wont be online 24/7 but hopefully there may be those in our community who are online who may have had experience with whatever issue you may be having and can also provide assistance. If not, we will be attempting to watch daily in addition to continuing to monitor the support email address and our social media presences.

Gaia Stamps Pack Update Status per Pack
Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 01 – Village Areas | Unity Asset Store | [Update in Progress]
Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 02 – Gaia Mountain and Volcanoes | Unity Asset Store | [Soon]
Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 03 – Desert Areas | Unity Asset Store | [Soon]
Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 04 – Islands | Unity Asset Store | [Soon]
Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 05 – Coastal Areas | Unity Asset Store | [Soon]
Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 06 – Highlands | Unity Asset Store | [Soon]
Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 07 – Wetlands | Unity Asset Store | [Soon]
Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 08 – Rivers, Canyons & Gorges | Unity Asset Store | [Soon]
Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 09 – Northwoods Areas | [Coming Soon]

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Backwoods Gaming Stamps Packs and Gaia 2.x / Gaia Pro

While the stamp packs were written for Gaia 1.x, they may still be used with the newer versions of Gaia by simply running the stamp folders through Gaia’s stamp converter tool located in the Advanced tab within the Gaia Tools foldout. Once you have done this, the stamps should work with Gaia 2.x and Gaia Pro with no problem.

Unfortunately there is not a conversion for sessions, or at least there wasn’t going to be one the last time I spoke with Adam. I haven’t had a chance to check out the latest updates to see what has been added. So to my knowledge if you want to run the sessions, you would still need to do that using Gaia 1.x on an older Unity install. To be totally honest, with all of the new features/tools available, I’m not sure why anyone would want to use them as the terrains you can create using the stamps with the new Gaia tools should be far superior than the original sessions made with Gaia 1.x.

Gaia 1.x stamps may be used with Gaia 2.x by using Gaia’s built-in Stamp Converter Tool

As always, if you run into issues you may feel free to contact me via private message here on our Facebook page or at our support email address located on the stamp pack’s page on the asset store.