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Backwoods Gaming’s Gaia Terrain Stamp Packs

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Each Gaia Terrain Pack from Backwoods Gaming will come with 10-15 stamps of a particular feature type.  Keeping them small will allow buyers to browse our selection of terrain stamp packs and pick and choose from the features they need.  For the Gaia junkie, like myself, the packs will be priced affordable enough that you may decide to purchase them all!  New terrain packs are scheduled to be released at least once a month.

Included in each terrain pack will be the stamps, a script which will extend the pack into the Gaia GX system, as well as a folder containing the session files created when I tested the stamps during development.  If you opt to use the session instead of the stamp, there are two included options.  One will allow you to play a session that creates the terrain and then stamps it with that particular stamp while the other will not only do that, but also run the default GaiaResources spawners to populate the terrain with the sample assets included within the Gaia package itself.

The packs ONLY include the stamp files and session files.  Owning and having at least version 1.5 of Gaia installed within your project is required.


Aldaereon Isles

Aldaereon Website

The world of Aldaereon is a land based in a science fiction fantasy setting.  A world of fae, disrupted by the struggles between good and evil.  Of course, good and evil is a matter of opinion and preference.  What will be yours?  Will you side with surface-based races who are aligned with the powers of good or subterranean-based races dwelling underground who are aligned with the powers of evil?  Maybe you will decide to play both sides and make an attempt of being neutrally aligned.  The choice is yours!

Aldaereon Isles is currently in the early development and prototyping stages.  It is currently planned to be a single player role playing game within the fantasy genre.  This game will serve as an introduction to Aldaereon and will serve as a stepping stone for discovering lore and gameplay styles which will be adapted into a future multiplayer Aldaereon title.