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Using Backwoods Gaming Gaia Terrain Stamp Packs

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Our Gaia Terrain Stamp Packs bring you a variety of themed terrain stamps to use with Gaia within each new pack. Gaia terrain stamp packs are considered complete at 10 stamps per pack. The only updates we will do will be updating the Gaia Extension script as needed, or updating stamps when required due to Gaia changes. Keeping the stamp quantity at 10 does two things. First – It keeps the packs from overwhelming you with too many stamps and overloading your Gaia stamp folders and… Second – Allows me to provide the packs at a low cost enabling me to do many low-cost packs so you can pick and choose which packs you want while still allowing me to eat and keep the lights on..

Each pack will come with its’ own Gaia Extension list under Backwoods Gaming when clicking the Extensions tab in the Gaia Manager and then making sure the Installed Extensions tab is selected. You should then see Backwoods Gaming and opening that will show all of the Gaia ready assets you have installed in your project. If you don’t see the stamp pack you are working with here, reimport it from the asset store.

If you do see the pack you are looking for there, click it and you will see the About, Enable All Stamps From Pack,
and Disable All Stamps From Pack options.

About -> This option simply pops up an information window with some generic info about the pack.

Enable All Stamps From Pack -> This option lets you enable the stamps so Gaia can use them. By default, all of the stamps within the pack are outside of the folder structures in which Gaia recognizes stamps. This means they are currently disabled. To enable the stamps, they need to be moved to the Gaia User Data\Stamps folder system.

Disable All Stamps From Pack -> This option moves all of the pack’s stamps that are active within Gaia User Data back into the pack’s stamps folders.