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Using Backwoods Gaming Gaia Terrain Stamp Packs

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Our Gaia Terrain Stamp Packs bring you a variety of themed terrain stamps to use with Gaia within each new pack.
Gaia terrain stamp packs are considered complete at between 10 and 15 stamps per pack. The only updates we will
do will be updating the Gaia Extension script as needed, or updating stamps when required due to Gaia changes.
Keeping the stamp quantity between 10 and 15 does two things. First – It keeps the packs from overwhelming you
with too many stamps and overloading your Gaia stamp folders and… Second – Allows me to provide the packs at a
low cost enabling me to do many low-cost packs so you can pick and choose which packs you want while still allowing me to eat and keep the lights on.. :p

Each pack will come with its’ own Gaia Extension list under Backwoods when clicking the GX button in the Gaia Manager and then clicking Installed. You should then see Backwoods Gaming and opening that will show all of the Gaia ready assets you have installed in your project. If you don’t see the stamp pack you are working with here, reimport it from the asset store.

If you do see the pack you are looking for there, click it and you will see About, Bulk Operations, and an Individual
option which includes the stamp pack volume number along with the name of the pack.

About -> This is just an information foldout which currently only has an About button. The button pops up an
information window with some generic info about the pack. In the future, I may add some other useful information
in the About section. But for now, the button is there all by its lonely self.

Bulk Operations -> This area lets you enable or disable the entire pack. By default, all of the stamps within the
pack are outside of Gaia within the Stamps folder of the pack. This means they are currently disabled. To enable
the stamps, they need to have the two files associated with each stamp moved into the Gaia\Stamps folder system.
The two buttons within Bulk Operations ensure either all stamps in the pack are disabled, moving any of the pack’s
stamps that are active within the Gaia Stamps folder structure back into the pack’s stamps folders. -OR- Enables all
of the pack’s stamps byte ensuring that any stamps from the pack that are still in the pack’s stamp folder are moved
to the Gaia Stamps folder structure. If you try to use a stamp directly from the pack folders, Gaia will give you an
error that it isn’t a valid stamp.

Individual Operations -> Within the area there are buttons for every stamp included in the pack. Clicking the button will cause the pack to checked and see if the stamp is active in Gaia. If it is not, it will be moved into the Gaia
folders. If it is, it will move the stamp back to the pack folders. These buttons are simply an On/Off toggle for
each individual stamp.

If you activate several stamps individually and later decide you want to activate them all, just simply go into bulk
operations and click the Enable all Stamps button and it will activate whatever stamps aren’t already active. Likewise, if you were to do the same in the other direction and deactivate a couple of stamps but later decide you want to deactivate all of the stamps in the pack, again, go to Bulk Operations and Deactivate. Any stamps in the Gaia folders will be moved back to that packs folders.

The Bulk Operation buttons ONLY work for stamps specific to the pack you are working with. In the future, I may add buttons for activating and deactivating all installed Backwoods Gaming Stamp Packs or activating and deactivating all Backwoods Gaming Stamps by stamp type.