Gaia Stamp Pack Quick Start Guide

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This guide will get you started with the Backwoods Gaming Stamp Pack you have just purchased.  This guide assumes you have already purchased, downloaded, and imported the pack from the Unity Asset Store as well as purchased, downloaded, and installed Gaia (or Gaia Pro).  As stated in the Asset Store descriptions and the pack pages here, the stamp packs will not work without Gaia.  You have to purchase it separately.

  1. Open your Gaia Manager tab.  If you do not yet have a Gaia Manager tab in your project, you may open one by clicking Window -> Gaia -> Show Gaia Manager from the Unity top menu.  
  2. Once you are in your Gaia Manager tab, click the Extensions tab and then click the Installed Extensions tab if it isn’t already selected.
  3. In the installed list, you may see several company names including Backwoods Gaming.  Click Backwoods Gaming and a list of our packs you have installed should unfold.  This may be one pack or several.
  4. Click the stamp pack you wish to work with.  This will unfold a list of three options.
  5. Stamps must first be enabled before they will work with Gaia.  To enable all of the stamps within the pack you have open, press the button “Enable All Stamps From Pack”.  Enabling moves the stamps from the Backwoods Gaming pack folder into the Gaia User Data/Stamps folder structure so Gaia’s stamper is able to see and use them.  Similarly if you were to click the “Disable All Stamps From Pack” button, it would move stamps from the Gaia User Data folders back to the Backwoods Gaming pack’s folder.
  6. After stamps are enabled, you are ready to use them following the instructions within the Gaia documentation for creating a Gaia terrain. When you get to the point to use the stamper, look for a stamp type starting with BWG_ followed by the type of stamps of the pack.  For example, for the Village areas pack the stamp type within the Gaia stamper tool would be BWG_Village.