Pack Vol 2 – Mountain and Volcano Stamps Pack

Pack Volume 2 – Mountain and Volcano Stamps

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Pack Description

Dependencies: Gaia Version 1.5 or above required!

The Gaia Mountains and Volcanoes Stamp pack includes terrain stamps that are either volcanoes or mountains that may make perfect volcanoes with some additional stamping to subtract a caldera. The pack includes 10 stamps of mountains and volcanoes which are perfect to stamp as an entire scene or as a stamp randomizer option (new in Gaia 1.5), or to be blended into an existing terrain with masks.

This pack is the second volume of our collection of stamp packs. We have plenty more planned and will be rolling out at least one new pack every month. There may be a bundle option down the road but at this point, each pack will be sold separately.

If you have specific stamp pack requests, please visit our forums and post your suggestion for a new pack in the Feedback and Suggestions area of the forum.

Third Party Assets Used

Gaia v1.5 and included sample assets [REQUIRED]
3DForge Village Exteriors Kit
Distingo terrain shaders
Time of Day
Trees Manager System

Stamp Glossary