Terrain Stamps for Gaia Sampler Pack

Terrain Stamps for Gaia Sampler Pack

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Pack Description

Dependencies: Gaia Version 1.5 or above required!

The Terrain Stamps for Gaia Sampler Pack is perfect for adding to your Gaia stamp collection to try out a couple of our Gaia terrain stamps before purchasing any of our packs.  The sampler pack includes the first stamp from each of the first four pack.  This gives you a village area stamp, a mountain/volcano stamp, a desert area stamp, and an island stamp giving you the opportunity to test with a variety of terrain types.  With our stamp packs being so affordable, you may be asking why we would give any away at all.  Simply, I am so confident that you will love them once you get a chance to play with them you will want more and come back and buy the available packs!

Testing was done mostly with the art assets included with Gaia with the exception of the desert art assets where I used both Manufactura K4’s Middle-East pack (for an Afghanistan type desert) and Philipp Schmidt’s Big Environment Pack 3 desert textures, trees, cactus, and grasses (for a southwestern US type desert).  In addition, I used AQUAS for scenes having water, Distingo for better ground texture shader control, and Time of Day for their day/night system.

This pack is just a small sampling of the stamps  you get with a full pack.  With four stamps as opposed to the 10-15 you get with the full packs, you may not have the variety but it should be plenty to help you decide that you really, really do need more stamps!  If you have specific stamp types of stamps you are looking for but don’t see in our packs, please visit our forums and post your suggestion for a new pack in the Feedback and Suggestions area of the forum.

Third Party Assets Used

Gaia v1.5 and included sample assets [REQUIRED]
3DForge Village Exteriors Kit
Distingo terrain shaders
Time of Day
Trees Manager System
Middle-East Environment Pack
Big Environment Pack 3